Launched in 2017, Digital 1 Publishing (D1P) has quickly established itself as a leader in the eBook publishing services space. Combining technological expertise in the digital media distribution space.  Digital 1 Publishing is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of authors, agents, and publishers of all sizes.

Digital 1 Publishing is led by a seasoned team of book professionals and leverages a decade of experience delivering music and other digital media assets to leading retailers worldwide in an evolving publishing industry. Our team provides strategic publishing advice and, through strong digital partners, offers flexible and scalable solutions for publishers of all sizes, as well as agents and authors. Our team is ready to deliver customized solutions for production, conversion, distribution to a variety of global retailers and eReading devices, marketing, sales reporting and analytics) to our partners.

Digital 1 Publishing distribution partner INscribe Digital's distribution platform is an end-to-end, automated digital supply chain system for the distribution and administration of media assets. Inscribe Digital technology enables content owners to easily manage the monetization of their media and provides a transparent console to monitor the asset processing, delivery, and performance (sales) on a daily basis. INscribe Digital utilizes the Athena distribution platform to deliver the best service in digital distribution & asset management in the industry. It has been developed over the past 12 years to become the #1 media delivery platform.