Digital 1 Productions – Film & Video Production Company

Digital 1 Media Services, Inc., a music publisher and distributor of music and film, announce the acquisition of Digital 1 Productions as part of its strategy to expand its content creation platform, enabling customers to grow their audiences with original, interactive and quality produced content.

Music veteran Steve Lane has launched a new company, Digital 1 Productions.  The production company will offer film, video, and photography production services for both local and national clientele.

In 2016, Lane founded Digital 1 Media Services, Inc., a leading worldwide indie music distribution and publishing company.  Steve Lane also serves as the Executive Director for Florida Songwriters Association, a 501 (c) (3) not–for–profit, and the producer for Gospel Goes Classical Florida.  Gospel Goes Classical Orlando, the esteemed international concert series that has played venues from Johannesburg, South Africa to the USA, will go down in music history as the most innovative and wonderful synthesis of musical styles—Gospel, R&B, Jazz and Classical.

“Working with my son Christopher and being able to mentor him about the music business has been such a great experience for me,” Lane says. “I truly love the music business and sharing my experience and passion for Digital 1 branding with my son. Christopher brings an enthusiastic attitude and love for music that is inspiring to me and is just what the business needs. Christopher represents the new generation entering the business and I couldn’t be happier about it.”

Steve Lane, CEO and founder of Digital 1 Media Services, said, “We have been reinforcing our strategy as the industry moves to video production, introducing brand new services that meet the needs of customers moving to content creation.” 

Digital 1 Productions is a full-service production company providing services to the broadcast, corporate, advertising and music industry. Our specialty is creating compelling images using the latest technology available.

We are a diverse team of free-thinkers, creative souls, and savvy business-minded people that value relationships with purpose.

We create stories with substance and work to connect with the people behind the brand. It’s those connections that matter to us, and we have the talent, commitment, and experience to bring them to life through video and photography that engages viewers and defines brands. 

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