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Meet our Production Team

Steve Lane

Creative Director & CEO

STEVE LANE - DIRECTOR, MUSIC PUBLISHER, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER & DISTRIBUTOR EXTRAORDINAIRE With over 20 years’ experience in the music industry, Steve Lane currently serves as the Executive Director of the Florida Songwriters Association 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit, and the CEO of Digital 1 Media Services Inc. the parent company of Digital 1 Productions. In 2018 Steve was the executive producer for Gospel Goes Classical Orlando, the esteemed international Concert Series that has played venues from Johannesburg, South Africa and to the USA.

Christopher Bumann

Managing Director

Rebecca Hormozi


Rebecca Hormozi is a Visual Artist who specializes in creating creative content and designs with photos, videos, and graphic art. She has over 4 years of experience in operating cameras. Rebecca is also knowledgeable in post-production and visual effects. She has her Film degree from Full Sail University and is very passionate about bringing unique visions to life. Lastly, she is also very culturally diverse and multi-lingual in English, French, and Portuguese.

Duvan Zapata

Production Manager

Graduate of Full Sail University Duvan Zapata is a Producer with more than 7 years experience operating cameras. Duvan Zapata is knowledgeable in music video, and operating drones for film, looking to leverage my knowledge and experience into the role of cinematographer.

Dave Smith

Project Manager

Kalani Bihn


Kalani Bihn has worked within the production industry for many years both in front of the camera and behind-the-scenes. She has done commercials and broadcasts with Telemundo and Univision in addition to music videos in Miami, Florida. She has her audio engineering degree from SAE Miami and has been a passionate videographer for many years, loving to capture the moment.”

Jose Villafuerte


Graduate of Full Sail University Villafuerte is a gifted Videographer, Music Producer/Engineer, Composer, and Instructor based out of Orlando, Florida. Passionate about blues, soul, gospel, pop, tropical, and jazz, he feels that playing an instrument is one of the best ways to express emotions and feelings to the outside world. Jose also teaches guitar, electric bass, ukulele, and singing lessons. He is proficient in a wide range of musical genres, with extensive experience in acoustic and electric guitar skills.

Lindsay Clarke

Videographer & Photographer

Graduate of Full Sail University and experience in creative communications. I was born and raised in a small town in Connecticut, lived in St. Louis, MO for a bit for high school and some of college and am now located in Orlando, FL. To sum me up, I live to create and help others. Both of those things fuel my soul, which is where my mission statement, “creating a conversation that is desperate to be heard,” stems from.

Calvin Sawyer

Videographer / Script Supervisor

Jake Elmendorf

Sound Engineer

Graduate of Full Sail University for Sound Engineer, Jake Elmendorf is a bilingual singer/songwriter driven primarily with piano and vocals that aids a killer live performance. Jake finds himself in the Pop/R&B realm while occasionally sticking his toes in the Pop/EDM and Hip-Hop genres. With sounds like Justin Bieber and flows like Khalid, Marc E. Bassy, Bazzi, and Shawn Mendes, Jake is sure to end up bringing you a fresh new perspective to all of your favorite styles of music.

Aileen Ruiz

3D Animation / Editor

Creativity, passion, and determination have opened several opportunities throughout this path. Aileen Ruiz graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation at Full Sail University in 2017. ​In 2020, Aileen Ruiz graduated with a Master's Degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. ​Aileen Ruiz is currently working on several projects such as commercial murals, brand development, web design, and content creation for multiple businesses. ​Passionate and determined to follow the dream of sharing a vision of using the power of storytelling to bring creative ideas to life.

Ayanna Portee

Voice Animator

Ayanna “Joni” Portee  p.k.a. INOJ is no stranger to the entertainment industry. She began her professional music career at the age of 20 when she signed a record deal with multi-platinum songwriter and producer Dallas Austin, as part of a female singing group. Though the members of the group went their separate ways, Ayanna’ s undying passion for music and entertainment still remained ablaze. Through collaboration with Charles the Mixologist, a DJ/Music Producer who worked at a radio station in Washington, D.C., her passion soon became a point of interest for Lil Jon Smith, A&R at So So Def Recordings owned and operated by Jermaine Dupri. What began as a demo with Lil Jon, later became her first hit record, “Love You Down”; a song originally recorded by the 80’s group Ready For the World. The viral smash single “Love You Down” birthed Ayanna as a solo artist, now known worldwide as INOJ. After 20 years of writing and performing, multiple platinum hits and song writing placements with artists like Janet Jackson and Kanye West, Ayanna began exploring TV and Film Industry as a voice actor. She has experience performing jingles, radio ads, drops and cartoon voices for a project at Turner broadcasting, the YMCA kids camps, meditations and various ads. Ayanna’s zeal continues as she steadily hones her skills in the studio with new music and new characters she enjoys creating. The possibilities are endless for this diamond in the rough, whose musical and inner brilliance makes her still, Ready For the World

Rachel Del Valle

Editor / Photographer

Graduate of Full Sail University Alumni, Bachelor’s Media Communications degree. Rachel Del Valle started her journey as a musician in Illinois. While pursuing music the desire to be a storyteller grew. Once out of high school, Rachel continued to pursue music, which led her to live abroad in Australia. This is where she found her love of filmmaking. Upon returning to the United States, she shifted her pursuit to film in order to tell stories more clearly. The career change led Rachel to Full Sail University where she got her Bachelor’s of Science in Media Communication with a specialized focus in film post-production. She graduated Valedictorian in 2022 with awards in Advanced Video and Advanced Achievement. After graduation she secured an internship with KDS One Studios as a writer, photographer and editor. While the internship progressed, she continued to grow her skills by creating shorts films and working with local and national creators and artists on various projects such as music videos, short films and digital content. Rachel continues to pursue her goal of storytelling and sharpens her skills. She believes the only way to grow is through challenges and to do so she challenges herself daily.