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Former World WBC & IBO Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Pinklon Thomas has been a warrior, fighter, and role model for disadvantaged and troubled youth. Because of his earlier choices as a young teen, he established his own non-profit organization, Project P.I.N.K. Pride in Neighborhood Kids. Pinklon fought and defeated some of the very best heavyweight fighters in the world. Though, his toughest fight has always been against the tribulations that plague our society through drugs and alcohol. “Pink” as he is affectionately known, travels to various events, company functions and any gathering, where he can convey the dangers and traps of drug and alcohol addiction, as he himself was stricken with the disease at the early age of 8. Surprisingly, he was a phenomenal athlete in football, basketball, and track. He inevitably chose a career path in boxing where the odds of financial success were better in a one-man sport. Today he is also an advocate for non-violence, and anti-crime, as he knows firsthand this lifestyle can quickly take youth down the wrong road. According to Pink “Only the grace of God, saved me from two inevitable ends, the penitentiary, or the cemetery. “ “We have to keep our children away from getting started into drugs and alcohol, as well as provide the support, guidance and love they need,” said Pink. Thanks to Pinklon, young athletes can hear first-hand from the former two-time World Champ that drugs and alcohol can take a vice-like grip on anyone, and it just may be the advice that ends up saving their life. Pinklon competed from 1978-1993 and turned professional after just three amateur fights. By 1984, with a record of 24-0-1, he would be afforded the opportunity for his first world title shot against reigning WBC “Terrible Tim” Witherspoon, winning a 12-round majority decision. Pinklon’s distinguishing characteristics were his signature pink boxing trunks and a powerful left jab. The legendary trainer Angelo Dundee, said “Pinklon’s jab was comparable to Sony Liston.” He would later meet and establish a friendship his idol Muhammad Ali at the 5th St. Gym, in Miami, Florida. Pinklon held the WBC Heavyweight Title from 1984-1986. On June 15, 1985, he successfully defended his WBC Title by a KO over former WBA World Heavyweight Champion Mike Weaver. On March 22, 1986, he suffered his first career loss as well as losing his WBC World Title to Trevor Berbick. Pinklon then went in and out of retirement over the following years, still taking fights against top contenders. He enjoyed success out-jabbing WBC/WBA World Champion Mike Tyson. After a long controversial break by Tysons’s camp for a torn glove, action resumed in the 6th round where Tyson knocked him out with a brutal 15 punch salvo, knocking the extremely durable Thomas down for the first and last time in his lengthy career. Although he quickly got up inside the count, the fight was waved off by PINK’s trainer Angelo Dundee. In December 1988 Pink returns from a 19-month layoff to fight the number one heavyweight contender Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield. Pinklon loses the fight but decides to return for yet another comeback in 1990. This time the event would be held at the Silver Dome in his hometown of Pontiac Michigan his opponent was the hard-hitting Curtis Issac who Pink out punched in a memorable 10 round battle. In the Spring of 1991, after delivering an impactful motivational speech at a residential drug treatment program, Pink is approached by Antonio Tarver a troubled youth with substantial athletic ability. Ultimately, they discovered they had so much in common that the two would eventually form a lifelong friendship. Pink began to mentor, provide guidance, train, and work out with Tarver who would go on to become WBA, WBC, and IBF Heavyweight World Champion and IBO Light Heavyweight and Cruiserweight champion and eventually Olympic Bronze Medalist who now spends time as a boxing commentator, and also promotes, and trains his son Antonio Tarver Jr. as a professional boxer. In November of 1992 Pinklon defeated Craig Payne in a split decision and was awarded the IBO Heavyweight Championship. The event took place shortly after the birth of his youngest daughter Pierra, who inspired him to make his final comeback. He held the title from 1992-1993, ironically Payne beat Mike Tyson several times in the amateurs and because of this Tyson refused to fight him as a pro. In January 1993 Pinklon had the last professional fight of his career, losing to Lawrence Carter to what appeared to be a 7th round KO, and it was later determined he suffered a pre-existing subdural hematoma unbeknownst to anyone. His wife then gave him only one option (retirement) and he humbly accepted. In 1997 Pinklon was diagnosed with Hepatitis C due to his previous drug use as a teen. Unbeknownst to anyone it had remained dormant for over twenty years, resulting in a new liver diagnosis giving him only 6 months to live. After two years of marginally successful medical treatments, he was finally cured in a period of only three weeks by taking Harvoni. His medical records show him conquering cancer, suffering a broken neck, having fifteen major surgeries, including a life-threatening procedure on his thoracic spine. He’s spent 31 days in the hospital, 5 in ICU and several months in rehabilitation. His wife DJ always by his side says, “It is only by the grace of God; he is still with us today.” Today, Pinklon resides in Orlando, Florida and was inducted in the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame, in 2009 and in 2019 he was inducted into the Space Coast Sports Hall of Fame in Melbourne, Florida. Most recently on April 24, 2022, he was inducted into the National Boxing Hall of Fame in Montebello, California. The World Sports Alumni Organization (WSA) was influential in his 2022 induction, where he is a proud member and oversees their boxing chapter. Pink along with John Greenberg published his autobiography, “Back from the Edge of Hell”. Pink now is an avid motivational speaker and strongly believes in giving back and helping others, knowing that investing in youth is an investment in the future. As a spinoff from his book, he is in the process of filming segments of his first documentary and working with a scriptwriter/producer for his upcoming television mini-series, in association with Digital 1 Media Services and Dreamtime Entertainment. He continues to be influential in areas such as providing feedback for startup drug rehabilitation facilities and offers his unique insight on how to best communicate with addicts. He enjoys traveling, spending time with his beautiful wife DJ, and their three daughters PaQuana, Peyton, and Pierra. He also has one son, Pinklon Thomas lll. He has six grandchildren and one great grandchild. Pink continues to mentor both youth and adults who benefit from his own life experience. He also continues to train aspiring pro boxers and amateur talent as well. On February 10th Pinklon celebrated not only his birthday but 34 years of sobriety.

Hall of Fame and Former World WBC & IBO Heavyweight Boxing Champion Pinklon Thomas

Digital 1 Production team made my last minute shoot fantastic, I have so many great pictures I can use for a lifetime, they were very professional and efficient and made my dreams come true, brought high quality equipment and set it up and made everything work to my difficult liking! So grateful for the experience shooting with them! I got my footage no less than 3 days after the shoot that was the fastest I have ever received my pictures back. I would recommend and give them 10/10 5 stars in efficiency, accommodating and professionalism.

Dania Catella